Sponsor a Child: Change a World

When you sponsor, you guarantee that a special child in Honduras will grow up with the nutrition, education, medical care, emotional support, and love that they need to achieve their dreams for a better future.

For just $1, $2, or $3 a day, you can provide:

Loving Care

Education & Tutoring

Healthy Meals

Medical Care

Family Support

Sponsor Spotlight: Beth Ann

"Education and love are at the core of Casita Copán to help mothers and children have the tools they need to succeed and create positive change within their own community. I have volunteered for Casita directly with the children teaching running classes and ensuring they receive their vaccines and indirectly in the United States hosting various fundraisers for the organization and sponsoring a child. I have never worked with a more transparent or engaged organization. To see them grow as they have in just a couple years is testament to the amazing work they do. You can feel certain that the money, donations, and time you spend are going directly to those who need it most. When you decide to open your heart to Casita, you will get twice as much back as you give."

- Beth Ann Nyssen, Portland, Oregon

How Sponsorship Helps


Sponsorship lets a child know that there’s someone out there who believes in them and is invested in their future. This can be an incredibly motivating force in a child’s life.


A committed, dependable donor base helps us provide a consistent quality of programs and services to our children. Our sponsors are the true heart of our organization and keep us going.


When you sponsor a child, you have the chance to build a real, lasting relationship. We’ll keep you updated on your child’s progress through cards and photos, and you can send letters, emails, and even come visit.

Want to Learn More?

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